Expressive Arts Therapy

Sometimes, it is difficult to put our emotions, thoughts, and memories into words. When this is the case, it can be helpful to explore the arts as a medium to help the therapy process. Research is also starting to show that "just talking" about trauma is often not enough - tapping into our natural inclination to express ourselves through the arts allows us to engage our minds and bodies in a fuller way in our healing process.

This is why I have started to combine traditional talk therapy approaches with creative interventions for those who would like to explore expressive arts in the therapy process. Expressive arts can include any and all forms of art:  painting, collage, sketching, photography, writing, journaling, music, dance/movement, and even crafting and baking. 

We do not need to be "good" at art to benefit from expressive arts therapy - it is about the experience and the process, not the end product.

Wherever your expressive energies lie, I am happy to work with you to facilitate a way to combine them with your therapy process. I am certified as a Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator and am currently in the process of earning my certification in Expressive Arts Therapy through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness.