What is the first step to scheduling?  The first step is for us to schedule a free 20-min phone consultation.  This allows me to learn about what is bringing you in to therapy, and to answer any questions you may have.  If it feels like my approach would be a good fit for your situation, then we can get you scheduled to come to your first session. For couples, the initial phone consultation can be with both partners or with just one partner.

What is a first session like?  Your first session gives me a chance to get to know you in more depth, and for us to discuss in more detail what our sessions will be like.  It is common to feel nervous or even anxious about the first session, but just remember that I am here for you and your needs, so there is no need to discuss more than you are comfortable discussing at the first session. 

How long does therapy take before I feel better?  Everyone's process is different, so this is a very individualized question.  Some clients feel like the topic that brought them to therapy is resolved in 3-5 sessions, others continue with deeper work and may attend for several months.  I use therapy techniques that are know for being effective - for example, EMDR may work for some clients in 8-12 sessions, though others may prefer longer.  At our first session, we can discuss how many sessions we think it may take to reach your particular goals. For couples, I recommend reading my blog article on how to get the most out of your couples therapy.

What is your rate?  Please see the Payment portion of this website.  I do offer some sliding scale appointments during daytime hours for those with financial need, though these appointments are currently full (as of March 2019). Feel free to ask for more information about these sessions, or if you would like to be put on a wait-list for a sliding scale appointment.

Why do you not take insurance?  I deliberately decided not to take insurance at Redwood Counseling.  Insurance has many advantages, but it also has some significant disadvantages:

  • Insurance often limits the number, length, and type of sessions.  This can create pressure that is not conducive to everyone's healing process. 

  • Insurance requires the therapist to spend a significant amount of time on documentation and phone calls.  This takes my time and energy away from YOU!

  • Private pay allows me to keep my practice small so that my clients get my energy full attention and I can help you thrive in your therapy work, relationships, and life!   

Are you welcoming of LGBTQ clients?  Yes!  I welcome clients of any sexual orientation and gender identity to individual and/or couples therapy. It is important to me that all my clients to feel welcomed, respected, and understood. I try to bring this to all my sessions, and in particular, try to conduct my couples therapy sessions in a way that minimizes gender-based expectations.

Um… Can we talk about sex in couples therapy? Yes - we certainly can! Physical intimacy and sex are often integral parts of our relationship bond. When couples are seeking Couples Therapy, it is common for them to be experiencing conflict or disconnection. This often translates into the couple’s intimacy, and many couples may feel disconnection or even anxiety around sex. I welcome couples to share any thoughts or challenges in the area of intimacy. I will try to ask about this at our first session, but couples are also welcomed to bring this up at any time.

Do you use spirituality in your counseling?    I love working with clients from diverse spiritual (or non-spiritual) backgrounds. I welcome clients to discuss spirituality in their therapy work, if they would like to.  When this happens, I try to learn about the client's spiritual beliefs, and ask questions to learn how their spirituality interfaces with the topics we are working on in therapy.  I do not bring a particular religious perspective into this work, but rather work within whatever the client’s spiritual framework may be. This may include major religions, more unique senses of spirituality, or also agnostic and atheist clients.

Is your office accessible to those with limited mobility?  My office is in the down-stairs portion of the Good Therapy building, and does require navigating a flight of stairs.

Where are the pictures on your website from? The pictures I’ve chosen for my website serve to communicate a felt sense of Redwood Counseling’s Vision, including deep connection to nature and the arts. They are also of personal meaning to me, capturing, whenever possible, images of the places (and canines) that have brought joy and healing to my life. I’ve included photos from my personal experiences outdoors, and from friends or colleagues who have been part of my life journey, as well as some photos taken by professional photographers. I am grateful to Sam Schmidt (personal friend), Ceci Bravo, Priss Enriquez, Ken Goulding, and Boris Smokrovic of unsplash.com, and Andrew Mathewson of Endless Forms Photography for these beautiful images. (Photos are currently under construction, so some citations may be forthcoming - 6/7/19)