Premarital Couples Counseling

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Set your marriage up for success!

You are SO excited that you found the one! Your forever partner! You are still feeling butterflies when you think about spending the rest of your lives together. You have seen other couples that have “issues” - constantly bickering, avoiding each other, watching TV in separate rooms every night. “That’s never going to be us,” you think to yourself, and give your partner a kiss on the cheek.

But wait…the stress is starting to grow with the wedding plans. That decades-old family conflict that you thought blew over has now attached itself to your big day, and everyone has an opinion! As you and your partner debate how to handle this, it starts getting tough, and tensions rise.

“Ahh - this day is supposed to be about us, and our eternal love, and now why are we fighting!! Oh no - bickering and separate TVs - what if that could happen to us?! NoooOOOoooo!!!!”

Ok - wait! Hold up - it’s going to be OK! Pre-wedding stress is normal, in fact, it might be an opportunity to learn about your relationship in a way that will serve you throughout your life.

Premarital Counseling is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your future relationship!

In Premarital Counseling, we work together to identify the potential stuck places before they get too ingrained or too painful. We set you and your partner up to have the knowledge and skills to tackle anything life throws your way, including wedding stress and beyond!

I work with a lot of couples who come into my office after conflict and challenges have been present for decades, and there is so much grief when they realize, “we wish we had done this sooner!” I am excited to offer Premarital Counseling as a way to help couples avoid that painful experience, and iron out the little wrinkles before they become mountains.

Call me today for a free 20-min phone consultation if you’d like to give your future relationship this incredible gift!