• Fees are based on the session length and the type of therapy

    • Individual Therapy: $120 for a 55-min session

    • Couples Therapy: $150 for a 55-min session

    • Family Therapy ( 3 or more people ): $175 for a 55-min sessions

    • 90-min sessions are available for Individuals, Couples, or Families at a rate of $180. Longer session times are recommended for some Families, Couples, EMDR, and Expressive Arts sessions.

  • I do not take insurance - I am considered an "Out of Network Provider." Please see “Why I Do Not Take Insurance” below.  

  • Payment can be made in the form of cash, check, credit card, or HSA/FSA accounts. (Verification of appropriate HSA coverage is the responsibility of the client).

  • Payment is requested at the end of each session.


Why I do not take insurance:

Many prospective clients ask why I do not take insurance.  I made the deliberate decision not to accept insurance at Redwood Counseling for the following reasons:

  • Insurance places limitations on the length and number of sessions.  Without insurance, I am able to offer more flexibility to meet a client's needs.  

  • Insurance requires the therapist to report a mental health diagnosis, which can become a permanent part of the health record, and often does not apply in cases of Couples Therapy.

  • Insurance requires the therapist to complete paperwork and participate in lengthy phone calls in order pay for services.  Without insurance, all my time and energy goes into my clinical work to help YOU feel better and reach your goals. 

  • Insurance reimbursement rates are low.  If I were to take insurance, I would need to see a high number of clients to run my business.  Without insurance, I can keep my practice small, and devote more time and energy to each and every one of my clients to help them thrive.