Individual Therapy


Individual Therapy for Survivors of adversity

Something does not feel right. There are many things in your life that are going fine, alright, maybe even great. But there is still something that is not feeling OK. For a long time, you told yourself your past experiences were normal. “Sure, there were difficult things, painful things, things that did not quite sit right, but doesn’t everyone have things like that? I survived, didn’t I? Isn’t that enough?”

But as you’ve gained time and distance from these events, you are starting to realize that it was not OK. Surviving felt like enough at the time, but now you are older and stronger, and part of you knows:

You deserve to not just to survive, but to THRIVE!

I specialize in working with adult survivors of painful past experiences. This might include grief, loss, a stressful home environment, child abuse, or sexual assault, or this might be anything that is still feeling confusing, unresolved, or painful. Any "wound” that has not had a chance to fully heal. It’s those experiences that bubble up in our minds when we “try” to meditate, or during our rare moments of quiet at night. It’s when we find ourselves feeling overly irritable with a friend, then later realize the reaction was coming from more than just the situation at hand. It’s the intense feelings that come up while we watch the news at night that we just can’t shake the next day. We feel anxious, stressed, tearful, and we don’t always know why…. or then again, maybe we do. A wise part of us will let us know when it’s time to start to look at these past experiences. If that time is now, I am here for you.

I take time in my sessions to get to know you and build up the trust we need to look at painful experiences together. I also use techniques that are evidence-based, meaning that they have been well-researched and proven to be effective. This includes EMDR, which uses eye movements to help us process our painful experiences in a new way. I also use Expressive Arts Therapy and Dancing Mindfulness to help provide an additional outlet when it feels like we do not have the words to describe our memories or experiences.

I offer a free 20-min phone consultation for us to connect and decide if my approach would be a good fit. If you are ready to heal from the pain that you’ve been carrying for years, give me a call. Let’s get you beyond survival and help you thrive!

Contact Rose to set up a consultation.