About Rose Kormanyos, Ma, imft

Rose headshot 3.jpg

I am a Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapist. I graduated with my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant University in Sacramento, California in 2012.

I intentionally chose to study Marriage and Family Therapy, because I believe that our relationships, past and present, are an important facet of our emotional health. I am very interested in the ways we interact with complex systems, including our families, relationships, cultures, and even different parts of ourselves.

Before becoming a therapist, I studied Biology and worked as an Ecologist. I find that many of the same ideas that drew me to ecology continue to be relevant in my therapy work - we are all organisms that bring our biologies and histories into our environments, as we work to grow, heal, and connect with others.  I enjoy bringing an understanding of neurobiology, a respect for rigorous research, and a passion for the natural world to my therapy work with clients.